LED Food Grade Lights

Suit Low & High Ceilings
High CRI options
Suitable in food handling

All our LED range is glass free so suitable for use in packaged food areas.  When you need easy wash down and want risk of harbouring contamination something purpose built is required.   Our IP65 rated LED batten lamp can be flush mounted so as to be suitable for these applications on ceilings up to 7m.  Additionally our “cool room” LED light is suitable for ceilings above 4m.  Both offer clean lines and no little nooks, crannies or horizontal surfaces that create risk for harbouring bacteria. This makes them highly suitable for food processing environments.

  • Both ranges offer diffusers in front of the chips to reduce glare and improve occupant comfort.
  • Both ranges are have market leading efficiency to allow maximum energy savings.
  • Both ranges come with 5 year warranties.

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