New LED Battens leading the market in efficiency across a wide range of applications

Our new LED Batten lamps are leading the market in energy efficiency. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use due to their attractive form factor, rugged construction and IP65 rating, the lamps have applications in

Industrial task lighting
Undercover car parks
Wall lamps
Low bay lighting

Surface mounting brackets are included as standard. 1.5m stainless steel wire suspension mounting kits and angle brackets for wall mounting are also available.

Safety Approval on 180W & 200W LED High Bays Extends Range

The completion of testing and approval by SGS in June of our two newest LED High Bays, CHB180 and CHB200, extends Endura Light’s LED High Bay range out to five models.

In the same form factor as our lower models but with slight modifications, these two lamps have the same wide light dispersal as the lower wattages, providing a full 120degrees between the half peak intensity radians of the beam.  For more information, go to our LED High Bay Lights page.  For a specification sheet, enter your details at the bottom of that page to download a pdf.

LED Floodlights Gain Australian Approvals from SGS

On 31st March our new range of LED floodlights gained their SGS Certificate of Suitability for the Australian market.  SGS Certificate number 140161 covers our LFL90, LFL120, LFL150 and LFL180 models, which are each avaialable in a variety of beam configurations to suit different indoor and outdoor applications.

The SGS testing covered all points where Australian safety standards differ to the European Safety standards to which the floodlights had already been certified. This gives our customers peace of mind that the lamp is fully compliant to Australian standards and so poses no risk from an electrical safety, fire or EMC perspective.

SGS also undertook Lamp Circuit Power testing to confirm the total power consumption of lamp and driver, required for the VEET Scheme.

The full list of certifications for the LFL range now covers:
AS/NZS60598.2.5 and EN60598.2.5 (which incorporates EN 62031, EN 62471 and EN 62493)
EN62493 for EMF
EN55015 EMC Radio Disturbance
EN61547 EMC Immunity
IEC61347.1 and IEC61347.2.13 for safety of the Mean Well Drivers as stand alone components

We also have full LM-80-08 reports for the Nichia chips used in the lamps based on 10,000 hours testing.  For all six test conditions tested the LM-79 forecasts show a reportable L70 in excess of 60,000hours.

Endura Light Joins FluoroCycle

In February Endura Light joined FluoroCycle as a Facilitator member.

FluoroCycle is a voluntary scheme, sponsored by the Environment Protection and Heritage Council, to increase recycling of mercury-containing lamps. The initial focus of the scheme is on the commercial and public lighting sectors, as these account for most of the mercury-containing lamps used in Australia.

Whilst proper disposal of lamps to a recycling facility is mandatory for both VEET and ESS rebates (in Vic and NSW), we encourage all our customers and other readers to review their lamp disposal and seek out a lamp recycler if they don’t use one already. Even Metal Halide and Sodium lamps contain Mercury – it’s not just about fluorescent tubes, CFLs and Mercury Vapour lamps.

The FluoroCycle scheme has several categories of membership so consider if joining the scheme is the right step for your organisation.

We’re Choosing Amko SOLARA induction lamps

In April we travelled to China to inspect the product and manufacturing facilities of five top tier induction lamp providers.  This trip affirmed our confidence that the induction lamps we had been supplying to that point were indeed the highest quality lamps in mainland China.  But we also found these weren’t the best in the world.  That title clearly belonged to Amko SOLARA in Taiwan whose ballast, lamp phosphor and reflector technology were all well ahead of the nearest rival.

The only question to be satisfied with the Amko SOLARA product was whether it represented value for money for our clients.  Endura Light conducted further research and testing and ultimately validated that we can always install a lower wattage Amko SOLARA lamp to achieve the same light output as the next best induction lamp.  This further reduction in energy savings results in similar or better payback periods than cheaper alternatives.  With a lower lifetime cost of ownership Amko SOLARA fixtures offer a far superior financial proposition.  In fact the lifetime cost of ownership of an Amko SOLARA lamp is 17% lower than the next best option in a typical high bay lighting application, and a massive 61% lower operating cost than a typical metal halide lamp.

Some of the key differentiators of our Amko SOLARA induction lamps over cheaper products are:

  • Reflectors purpose built for induction lamps to provide superior light output and spread patterns to ensure optimal light output for power consumed
  • The option for a Nanoflex coating inside the reflector to further increase light output and dispersion
  • Commercial grade components throughout the electronic circuits to ensure longevity – a 100,000 ballast comes as standard
  • High quality electronic ballasts with good heat dissipation from key internal components to ensure long life
  • Thermal separation of the ballast housing from the lamp reflector in high bay fittings to minimise heat transfer to the ballast and extend ballast life
  • Induction coil housing designed to dissipate heat to improve efficiency and prolong life
  • High quality Japanese phosphor to ensure high lumen maintenance and minimal colour temperature shift over time

You can see the Amko SOLARA fixtures on our Induction Lighting page or contact us using the form or details below.