LED “Fluorescents"

Our LED tube lights replace T8 linear fluorescent tubes.

LED and fluorescent are two different technologies but a lot of electricians still refer to LEDs which replace flourescents under this banner of “LED Fluorescents”.  What most are seeking is a LED lighting fixture with the same form factor as a linear fluorescent. 

We have several solutions that can fit this category:

  • LED Battens – These are long thin fixtures in similar dimensions to single or twin linear fluorescents in 2ft (600mm), 4ft (1200mm) and 5ft (1500mm) which have LEDs inside  – refer to our U2IPB
  • LED Tubes – these can be used to replace just the fluorescent tubes inside an existing linear fluorescent lamp, but wiring changes are required inside the light fixture as part of the changeover.  We regard this as a low-grade solution.  Refer to LED Tubes for more detail.
  • Less commonly requested under this heading is the use of office ceiling fixtures.  LED panels provide a much more efficient, attractive and long lasting (providing it’s good quality) than using LED tubes.  See LED Panels for more detail

In some cases we will even fit our U2IPB battens inside the existing linear fluorescent fixture housing as it will give a more robust result than changing to LED tubes.

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