LED Canopy Lights

Low Glare
Cool Room options
Food Grade options
Recessed/Surface Mount

Canopy lights were traditionally always 400W or 250W Metal Halide or Mercury Vapour lamps in box type fixtures – the traditional high bay on a hook was too prone to wind. With a very low wind profile small LED high bays such as the low wattages in our LED Batten range can be used as an LED canopy light.  While they can be bracket mounted, on many sites they can just be hook mounted, saving time on installation.

Sometimes linear fluorescents were used on lower height canopies or where less light was required.  Here the best LED canopy light solution is our LED Batten range.  Not only does this range include several options with vastly more light output than twin fluorescent, it is also IP65 for full weather protection, extremely robust, and has a frosted diffuser for lower glare.

For indoor use LED Canopy type light fixtures, see LED Cool Room Lights or LED Low Bay.

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