LED Cool Room Lights

Easy to Install
Lower cooling costs
High light output

Our specialist cool room LED light is suitable for all insulated panel ceilings.  It uses the same high efficiency light source as our high bays and so has the same great range of beam options:

The driver can be positioned within the ceiling or remote mounted in the ceiling cavity.

Designed to make installation in cool rooms and refrigerated spaces easy.  It also requires minimal ceiling penetration, improving the thermal integrity of the insulation and reducing cooling costs.

For lower ceilings up to 7m, our IP65 rated LED batten lamp may also be suitable.  

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Look No Further for Premium Refrigeration Lighting in Australia

We supply nothing but the very best refrigeration lighting in Australia. At Endura Light, we’ve supplied premium LED warehouse and refrigeration lighting solutions to businesses in Australia for the better part of a decade, and we believe that our products are unbeatable regarding value, durability, performance and efficiency. Keep reading below to learn more about our company. Related Services We Provide to Refrigeration Lighting in Australia Refrigeration lighting isn’t all we do at Endura Light. We also supply quality solutions such as:
  • LED high bay lights: Maximise workplace safety by adequately illuminating your aisles and warehouse with our range of high-performance LED lights.
  • Floodlights: Work outside at night? You need to minimise the risks of trips and falls by lighting all dark areas. Our powerful floodlights will help you do just that.
What Sets Endura Light Apart Regarding Refrigeration Lighting in Australia? Just some factors that make us stand out from the competition include:
  • We supply high-specification cold room lights in Australia that provide long-term savings: We only source lighting solutions with durability and efficiency in mind. Our products will help you decrease your running and maintenance costs, which could amount to a significant sum in the long run.
  • We can advise you on the most suitable lighting for your requirements: Our team of dedicated advisors are happy to recommend the most appropriate products for your needs, and you can trust that honesty is among our top priorities.
Why Endura Light Refrigeration Lighting in Australia is Cost-Effective As mentioned above – we supply top-range products at mid-range prices that can lower your energy usage, utility bills and carbon footprint. If you want to know more about pricing, need advice or want to order over the phone, call us today!

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