Welcome to Endura Light

Endura Light is an energy efficient lighting retrofit specialist for industrial sites. We provide replacements and upgrades using high efficiency LED and sensor controls (where beneficial) to improve site profitability by slashing energy and maintenance overheads.
For high performance, tested, proven and Australian certified products to cut your lighting energy bills and reduce maintenance costs, contact Endura Light.

Lighting retrofit is one of the easiest and most profitable steps businesses can take to improve their energy efficiency. Endura Light solutions for office and industrial environments give the most effective replacement product for the least cost – both for the changeover and for ongoing energy savings.

Blown, faded or flickering lights seriously undermine productivity. Frequent replacement of light bulbs or tubes is also be a big time waster for maintenance staff who really should be freed up for more important tasks. Longer life lamps from Endura Light let all your staff focus on what they should be doing and improve business productivity.

To save money by changing to more efficient office or industrial lighting, take a look at our products and call Endura Light to for an appraisal of the savings you could achieve.