Upgrade to LED Warehouse Lighting in Brisbane with the Help of Endura Light

Are you ready to upgrade to LED warehouse lighting in Brisbane?

At Endura Light, one of our most popular services is helping warehouses, and other industrial sites trade out old legacy lighting systems for smarter and more efficient LED alternatives. Whether you are upgrading one part of your site at a time or looking for a top to bottom light upgrade, our experienced team of industrial lighting professionals can help you achieve premium results without the premium price.

The Importance of LED Warehouse Lighting in Brisbane

There are so many benefits to LED lighting and so many reasons to upgrade your legacy warehouse lighting system. Here are just a few reasons that LED warehouse lighting is such a vital and worthwhile investment:

  • LED lighting is extremely energy efficient: LED lighting produces more lumens per watt than either incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. This reduced energy usage helps the bulbs burn for much, much longer than other types of lighting. Indeed, LED lights are known for having lifespans of 50,000 or 60,000 hours. In comparison, incandescent lights typically top out between 1,000 and 1,500 hours, while fluorescent bulbs provide almost 10,000 hours of illumination.
  • LED lighting is durable: Most types of light bulbs are fragile—with glass construction and filaments or cathodes that wear out. LEDs are structured differently, which is why it is often called “solid-state lighting”. These lights are far more rugged than any other type of lighting, making them perfect for industrial lighting applications.
  • LED lighting provides bright illumination immediately: Some types of lighting take several minutes to ‘warm up’ after you turn them on. You don’t get full illumination from these lights immediately. If they’ve been running you also need them to cool down before they can even begin to start up again. LED lighting doesn’t have this problem, which means complete, bright illumination the second you flip a switch.
  • LED Lighting is readily dimmable: LED’s can be dimmed down to 10% output or even lower, allowing greater energy savings in daylight hours or when areas are unoccupied.

The Benefits of Working with Endura Light

If you are looking to install warehouse high bay lighting in Brisbane, you might be wondering what makes Endura Light the right company for such a project. Here are some of the benefits of choosing our team for your industrial lighting solutions:

  • We are versatile: In addition to warehouse high bay lighting, we offer a wide range of industrial lighting options, including low bay lighting, flood lighting and canopy lighting. We can also provide unique lighting solutions for refrigeration rooms and cool rooms, pallet racking systems, mezzanine shelving and an array of other applications.
  • We can help you with sensor control: Do you want your LED lighting to come on when the daylight starts to dim, or when someone enters a room? We can assist you with sensor control for your lighting system, including daylight and motion sensor capabilities.

Why Endura Light Is Cost Effective

At Endura Light, we strive to provide superb products at reasonable prices. You shouldn’t have to choose between affordability and quality. We even back our products with high levels of service and advice, to make sure every customer has a good experience with us. Our LED warehouse lighting will save your business money on utility bills and significantly diminish the time spent replacing burned out bulbs. To explore your options for warehouse lighting, contact Endura Light today.