LED High Bay Lights Melbourne

Achieve Big Efficiency Gains with LED High Bay Lights in Melbourne

Is your business in the market for LED high bay lights in Melbourne? At Endura Light, we regularly work with businesses to upgrade entire industrial sites from legacy systems to more efficient LED solutions. LED high bay lighting is our most popular product and is an ideal lighting solution for warehouse racking, mezzanine shelving, food processing facilities, manufacturing plants and the like.

Problems Our Hi-Bay LED Lights Address

Legacy lighting systems in warehouses and at other industrial properties have a range of different problems that can be addressed through the installation of high bay (or hi-bay) LED lights. These problems include:

  • Regular bulb replacements: Replacing bulbs or light fixtures on old warehouse or factory lighting systems is difficult, time-consuming and potentially hazardous. These lights are often high off the ground in tough-to-access spots. Opting for quality LED high bay lights minimises bulb replacements, as our lights are rated to last for 250,000 hours.
  • Inefficiency: Legacy lighting systems are typically inefficient, using a lot of energy to deliver serviceable lighting. This energy usage affects your company’s overhead spending, in the form of high electricity bills. Our hi-bay lights deliver 160 lumens per watt—unbeatable efficiency that will improve your lighting while reducing how much you spend on it each month.
  • Difficulty directing the light: Many warehouses or industrial buildings are designed inefficiently from a lighting perspective. Light ends up going to waste because the designers didn’t have any options for angling and directing illuminations. High bay LED lighting is directional, which means that you have a choice of beam angles when you design and install the lighting. The result is a more strategically and effectively lit space, without the wasted light of legacy systems.

If you have been struggling with any of these problems in your industrial building, call Endura Light for advice on whether LED high bay lighting is right for you.

The Importance of LED High Bay Lights in Melbourne

Even beyond the performance and efficiency gains of LED high bay light, there are other reasons that this type of lighting is so important—especially in the industrial sector. These factors include:

  • Environmental friendliness: Put simply, LED lighting is better for the planet than virtually any other type of light. We’ve already touched upon energy gains and long lifespans, both of which help eliminate waste. It’s also worth noting that older lighting types, such as fluorescent lights and metal halides, contain mercury. LED contains no mercury, making it safer for the environment and the people in your building.
  • Safety: For a variety of reasons, using LED high bays in Australia is safer than most alternatives. For one thing, LED lights emit almost no heat, which not only gives them efficiency over lighting types that get hot (such as metal halide bulbs) but which also reduces the risk of fire or burns. LEDs also don’t have the ‘warm-up’ time that you get with some other lights. The moment you turn on a high bay LED system; the entire space will be brightly illuminated. This factor eliminates any risk of your team trying to start work in potentially hazardous low-light conditions.
  • Temperature flexibility: LED high bays perform well in both hot and cold temperatures, making them suitable for virtually any environment. Induction high bay lighting, which is now waning in popularity due to LED’s significant gains in performance and efficiency, still can offer advantages in spaces where temperatures exceed 65 degrees Celsius or very large quantities of dust accumulate. Endura Light still offers induction lighting as an alternative to LED for environments where it is more suitable.

About Endura Light

For seven years and counting, Endura Light has been helping industrial clients unlock the benefits of high-efficiency lighting. If you are interested in installing LED high bay lights in Melbourne, start by contacting us today.