Get Energy Efficient Industrial Warehouse Lights and High Bay Lighting in Brisbane

Save money on industrial warehouse lighting in Brisbane.

Warehouses are enormous areas that require significant upkeep to maintain and keep orderly. Good light levels are essential to quick and accurate pick efficiency and pallet placement. Using incorrect lighting can make your job harder and cost you extra money, so you need a better way.

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We have several kinds of lighting suitable for industrial warehouses and other settings:

  • LED Industrial High Bay Lighting – Brisbane warehouses benefit from Endura Light’s powerful 100w high bay LED lights. These lights provide as much brightness as typical 400w metal halide or mercury vapour lamps. You can hook-mount or attach them to the wall, giving you maximum flexibility to provide light where you need it. We also have different beam options specifically designed for pallet shelving.
  • Induction Lighting – This style of lighting uses electromagnetic coils to energise particles in fluorescent tubes. Because the light generating component is a gas rather than metal filaments, these lights tend to last thousands of hours longer than incandescent lighting. This extended lifespan makes for great industrial warehouse lights.
  • LED Flood Lights – Built to last, these lights are housed in very sturdy material. We engineer our lights to work even more efficiently than the standard, more than tripling the lifespan from 60,000 hours to over 200,000 hours. With energy use during this time being a fraction of incandescent lighting, you also benefit by needing to replace these extremely rarely

Problems Endura Light Addresses with Industrial Warehouse Lighting in Brisbane

Without the best lighting for your warehouse, you can run into several problems.

  • Wasted Energy – Incandescent, sodium, mercury vapour, and metal halide lights consume substantial quantities of energy through regular usage. Multiply this by the number of lights you have in a large warehouse facility, and the costs add up dramatically.
  • Frequent Replacements – Other forms of lighting also burn out faster and require regular replacement. This costs your business double, as you need to replace the material and pull staff away to handle the replacement, as well as hiring access equipment to reach the high bay lamps.
  • Rare Lighting Styles – Many older bulbs cease production as the years go on, meaning that it’s more difficult to find replacements for prior styles of incandescent bulbs. Quality LED and Induction last massively longer and so there are no regular bulb replacement costs.

Induction and LED lights save you money and time while giving you control over your warehouse lighting.

What You Stand to Lose by Not Using Endura Light

We offer a high-quality product that will keep your energy use down. Our focus on energy-efficient technology lets us provide a service that can help any industrial warehouse. If you need them for your business, or you are an electrician looking for a reliable supply of high-quality induction and LED bulbs, contact us today. Endura Light delivers you top of the market product performance alongside knowledgeable service to help you find the bulbs that are right for you.