Commercial-Grade Floodlights

Call on Endura Light for LED Commercial-Grade Floodlights

Whether you are looking for an effective way to light an industrial worksite for night-time work or hoping to replace your carpark lights with a more energy-efficient alternative, Endura Light has the commercial-grade floodlights you need. These lighting solutions are extremely powerful and can provide bright illumination to large exterior sites. Our commercial floodlights are also extremely efficient, meaning you can save money on your outdoor lighting budget without sacrificing quality or reach of illumination.

The Benefits of Our Commercial Exterior LED Floodlights

Commercial exterior floodlights from Endura Light bring a range of different benefits to the table, including:

  • Long lifespan: LED lights are known for their high efficiency and long lifespan, and Endura’s commercial electric floodlights are no exception. These lights are designed with top-grade components, which ensure a long lifespan with high levels of performance throughout. The Nichia LED chips we use in these flood lamps are rated to less than 10% light loss at 50,000 hours, while the Inventronics drivers are rated to last 350,000 hours. We back each light with five years of warranty coverage.
  • Wide spread of illumination: What makes our commercial floodlight design so ideal for exterior lighting is the wide spread and reach of the illumination it provides. These lights are specifically built to illuminate large spaces, which makes them very popular for building sites, road works, loading dock areas, carparks and more.
  • Optimal night vision: One common problem with most exterior lighting solutions is the distribution of light. To give the impression of an acceptable level of illumination for large spaces, the manufacturers behind most industrial-strength floodlighting systems make those lights very bright, but only in a small area. This poor distribution of the light is problematic. The lights cause an excessively bright spot right under where the lamp is installed, along with less brightness everywhere else. We’ve designed our floodlighting solutions carefully to avoid this problem and to achieve superior light distribution. Our lights are more consistent across an entire illuminated space, which makes seeing and navigating these areas easier and safer for your team.

Problems Endura Light Addresses

When you choose Endura Light to provide your commercial-grade floodlights, you will avoid several problems commonly caused by comparable but inferior floodlighting installations. These problems include:

  • Premature light failure: As mentioned previously, our commercial floodlighting is designed to ensure longevity. Not only do the LED lighting components offer long service life, but the lights are also designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures and to protect against issues such as power surges, brown outs, short circuits and more. Even the structure of the lights themselves is built to last, with a rugged aluminium housing finished with an anti-corrosion coating.
  • Too many fixtures: Because Endura floodlights have such a wide spread, clients that install them typically require fewer fixtures than they would need with a different type of floodlighting. Saving on purchase costs, installation and monthly energy spending, cutting down on the number of fixtures you need for a great exterior lighting result is an economical option.
  • High energy spending: If you’ve noticed that your outdoor lighting needs are adding a hefty amount of money to your monthly energy bill, it might be worthwhile to consider an alternative option. Our industrial-strength floodlighting is an ideal choice for replacing older, less efficient fixtures.

Why Endura Light Is Cost-Effective

From saving your business money on your energy bills to allowing you to cut down on the number of fixtures necessary for exterior lighting, Endura Light is a cost-effective choice for commercial-grade floodlights. Contact us today to learn more.