Warehouse LED Lighting

Improve Your Business’s Effectiveness with Warehouse LED Lighting

Although it may not initially seem like it, making the transition to warehouse LED lighting can have a significant impact on your business. There are several advantages to using LED warehouse lights, and maintaining adequate lighting is a necessary component of any company with a warehouse. Read below to learn more about how Endura Light can help you with this transition.

Benefits of Warehouse LED Lighting

Many people are aware that LED lights offer advantages over traditional lights but may not realise the specifics of why this is true.

  • LED lighting is widely recognised for producing more light with much less energy. The main reason for this is that incandescent lights rely on resistance within a wire filament, or generating an electric arc through gas. While these older technologies produce light, they also create a large amount of heat. This heat is wasted energy and LED lights help you avoid this waste.
  • Incandescent, halogen and high intensity discharge bulbs all fade and die relatively quickly. Even fluorescent lamps have a lifespan measured in years. LED’s , provided you purchase good quality, are vastly superior in this aspect, as their lifespan generally exceeds a decade with regular usage. When your lights last longer, you need not change them so frequently, which saves time for your staff.
  • The rapid fading of traditional light sources, when in a warehouse setting, results in many different light output levels between lamps. LED lights, on the other hand, are far more consistent and lose their light output efficiency at only a fraction as fast as tradtional lights. This results in a warehouse lighting situation wherein you’ll have far more evenly distributed luminescence, making it easier for staff to read, measure, select and generally get on with their job in a productive fashion.

The Importance of Warehouse Lighting

Proper lighting in your warehouse is essential to your business’s effective operations.

  • Taking stock of your inventory is vital both from a profit and loss standpoint, and for knowing what to order when you require a new shipment from your suppliers. Adequate lighting will save time and strain on your employees, ensuring they needn’t use flashlights or risk making errors during the inventory process.
  • There are also safety considerations for improper lighting, such as tripping hazards being worsened when not clearly visible. Avoid needless accidents due to employees operating machinery in low-light situations.
  • Not every business welcomes clients into storage areas, but some companies (such as restaurant supply stores) blend storage into the primary service area for their clients. These businesses are doubly incentivised to ensure that the lights are on and bright enough, so LED lights are an excellent solution for them.

What You Stand to Gain by Using Endura Light

Endura Light has seven years’ experience serving the eastern states of Australia, including Queensland. We focus on taking legacy lighting situations and modernising them with efficient high bay lighting solutions. We’re industrial lighting efficiency specialists, so we’ll develop a solution that helps your warehouse function more smoothly while helping you save money on utility costs.

If you aren’t sure how much of a difference making the switch to LED lights can make, you’re not alone. Many businesses simply haven’t been exposed to the information that showcases the real benefits. We address that by offering a free, no obligation appraisal tailored to your site. Simply contact us today to schedule a time that suits your schedule.