The Endura Light range of Outdoor LED light fittings includes:

  • IP rated battens for wall mounting or under awnings
  • Wall packs for illuminating pathways and the general building exterior
  • Flood lighting for pole mounting or surface mounting to illuminate larger areas
  • Smaller output high bays with IP65 rating, that can be chain or bracket mounted under awnings

All these fittings have class leading efficiency and great light distribution so you can achieve better results for less watts, saving you money year after year. For new installations, wider beam angles also allow fewer lights to be installed, economising on the number of fixtures required.

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Warehouses, industrial sites, manufacturers, cold storage facilities, distribution centres and indoor sporting arenas – anything with a high roof – can achieve dramatic energy savings with more efficient lighting.   Both induction lighting and LED lighting for high bay, low bay and outdoor lighting can offer dramatic reductions in energy bills while providing equivalent light outputs to older technology HID lamps such as sodium, mercury vapour and metal halide.

Improve Energy Efficiency

To switch from power hungry metal halide, mercury vapour or sodium lights to more energy efficient LED or induction lighting in your industrial site or business, the first step is to contact Endura Light.

Reduce Lighting Maintenance Costs

If long lamp life is more important for your industrial site or business, contact Endura Light for a free, no obligation on site appraisal to find out what low maintenance induction lighting can do for your business.

Advantage of LED Over Induction

LED has improved dramatically in recent years and now has superior performance to induction lighting in light output per watt.   LED can also be optically controlled to provide rectangular beam patterns to better suit warehouse racking and other applications.

Advantage of Induction Over LED

Induction is a mature technology and is better proven than LED as a long lifespan technology.  Induction doesn’t require the cooling fins as LED does for heat dissipation,  making it is  better suited for food grade applications.  As a large and non-directional light source, induction also has less glare than LED and can be more effective in areas where up-lighting is required.

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