Office Lighting Solutions

Endura light provide a complete range of office LED lighting solutions, including

  • T-bar ceiling LED panels
  • Surface mount linear lamps
  • LED Downlights for offices
  • LED bulbs
  • And more

All our office products are low glare and no flicker, reducing eye strain and making for a more comfortable and productive work environment.

We also have market leading efficiency.  For example, our T-bar ceiling panels consume a mere 24W, the lowest in the market, without compromising light levels.  

Take the next step.  Get some good advice on how to set your office up as a comfortable and highly energy efficient work environment.  Fill out the contact form on the right, or simply call us on either 1300901207 or the local number below.

Office environments are still dominated by T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes (T8’s are the one inch (2.5cm) thick tubes, and T5 are ) and many offices also have large amounts of halogen downlights which typically consume over 50watts per lamp, although  replacements are now limited to 35W maximum.

Replacing T5 or T8 Fluorescent Tubes

There are two options for energy efficiency upgrades to T8 fluorescent tubes: LED Tubes and LED panels.

11-16W T8 LED tubes are now commonly offered as replacement for T8 fluorescent.  However the compromises made to components to fit inside the slim tube form factor limit the durability of these.

Good quality anti-glare LED panels, while costing a little more, offer quicker changeover (lower labour cost) and a much more attractive result.  Anti-glare panels (as opposed to the cheaper alternatives) are also much more comfortable for users than either fluorescent tubes or LED tubes.

They don’t fill up with bugs, further eliminating the need for maintenance.

LED panels also offer much longer lifespan than LED tubes as there are no space constraints on the key components.

Replacing Halogen Downlights

Cheaper LED solutions don’t have good colour temperature, don’t produce enough light or don’t have the wide beam angle that halogens have, leaving rooms poorly lit.  Worse, sometimes they are made with poor components and will soon fail.

Quality LED downlights will not only offer good beam angles and increase light levels over halogen or compact fluorescent globes, but also offer lower glare and much longer product life.  This makes for a more comfortable work environment and better value for money.