Factory Lighting Solutions

Good light levels are essential in factories for accurate measurement, reading, aligning materials and checking quality.  Our face to face consultation at your site will cover what aspects of your factory lighting are working well, and whether there are any areas for improvement.  From there we work out what will be the optimal layout and product size to suit your needs and ensure your factory is turning out the best possible product with the least mistakes.  

Most factories require a combination of lighting products including some or all of overhead (usually high bay) lighting, low bay lighting, task lighting, and outdoor lighting solutions.

Within that constraint, we then look to maximise energy consumption to keep your factory lighting power bills low.  That includes appropriate sensor controls that partially or fully dim light output when it’s less needed, quick response when it is, and seamless dimming that doesn’t distract occupants.

“It’s so much brighter in here now.  I used to think I needed glasses but now I know it was just the old lights.” – a satisfied Sydney site staff member

Take a look at our specific products by clicking the links above or contact us for some helpful advice, or even just jump straight to asking us out for a site appraisal to find out what we can do for you to maximise your efficiency gains at a sensible price.  

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