Our Approach to Clients

We ask questions and help clients to determine what they need from their lighting, so we can deliver accordingly.

Our business motto is
“Practical Industrial Solutions – Optimum Efficiency”

Why optimum efficiency?  Because maximum efficiency isn’t always the best outcome for users of a space!

We look beyond a simple one-for-one replacement to see if there are better options to provide the right lighting outcomes.  In many sites, the existing lighting grid is not designed for the current use.  Light levels need to be tailored to suit the different uses of each area through the selection of different output lamps.  Modifying the lamp grid is sometimes the best way to achieve optimally efficient results while still keeping installation costs down.

As well as looking at how much lights can be dimmed or powered off using sensor controls, we also consider what will provide a good user experience and  be readily accepted and appreciated by staff in the space.  Aggressive sensor controlling that turns lights off too soon or too often is going to lead to complaints and be bypassed within 2 weeks of us finishing on a job.  We avoid this at all costs and ensure our solutions are user friendly as well as efficient, so all the energy efficiency gains are maintained.

Our clients value this intelligent and practical approach.

Our Approach to Products

We pick apart products and keep asking questions of manufacturers until we are fully satisfied the product is suitable for our intended application and will provide a durable solution.  Manufacturer product warranties are good insurance for both Endura Light and our clients, but we’d rather not have to use them.

We’ve chosen our suppliers and products to solve particular issues then dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s to make sure they are fully approved for Australian use.   There is a huge array of choice when it comes to lighting manufacturers.  Our own experience in selecting manufacturers and testing products claimed to be suitable is that 80% of the product on the market is actually inadequate or unsuitable for the application it is designed for.  Poor beam angles, excessive glare and low grade components that won’t endure in industrial settings are just a few of the shortcomings.

When evaluating potential products for a particular application, our selection process involves firstly a desktop review to see if the manufacturers claims on the lighting output can even be substantiated by their own data (most can’t).   Once we have a shortlist of suitable products we then evaluate testing reports from independent laboratories, and finally will order samples to physically test that the product matches the forecast performance as well as pulling apart components to look for shortcomings and failure points.  Once we select a preferred product we take it through the required testing for Australian Certification using independent laboratories to ensure it is fully compliant.

Lastly, once a product is included in our range, after each project we test the delivered light levels against our forecasts.  This helps us ensure that the supplied product matches specification and that we deliver what was forecast.

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