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Warehouse Aisle Lights

Our Warehouse Aisle Light range is a series of fixtures dedicated to efficiently lighting the challenging space between pallet shelving.

When ceilings are 6-20m high and aisle widths are between 1.5m to 3.5m, no round beam light can efficiently illuminate this space, no matter what technology it uses. Our Warehouse Aisle Light has an elongated rectangular beam specifically designed for this application – evenly illuminating the goods from the floor to the top shelf with no excessively bright patches and no dark spots.

T5HO fluorescent is now the default cheap solution for lighting warehouse aisles, and a well controlled beam (i.e. narrow across the aisle) is significantly better for warehouse aisles that Metal Halide.  But our WAL range will use a only half the power of a T5HO solution to achieve the same or better illumination result.

Warehouse Aisle Lights from Endura Light are the stand out choice for both efficiency and longevity when lighting warehouse aisles.

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Benefits of Warehouse Aisle Lights
  • Beam angles specifically for pallet racking = light goes only where it is needed
  • Increased Energy Efficiency = Lower Electricity Bills
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Instant On – Compatible with Movement Sensors and Light Sensors
  • Dimmable – Use daylight harvesting for increased savings
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Peak Demand Reductions = Lower network charges
  • Lower operating temperatures = reduced cooling load and further energy savings
  • Long Life with minimal light depreciation
  • Reduced OH&S risk through improved light levels and reduced changeover frequency
  • Free up time for more important tasks
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