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T5 Adaptors

T5 Adaptors enable the installation of T5 fluorescent tubes into T8 (2.5cm thick tubes) fixtures.  T5 tubes and their electronic ballast can typically reduce power consumption by 14-16W per tube, a reduction of over a third for a very low changeover cost.

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From May 2016 this is no longer a stocked item.  Orders are still taken but 6-7 weeks lead time is required for delivery.

Why not LED tubes?

LED tubes have come down in price as well as improving in their efficiency, making them a preferable financial choice for retrofit.  LED tubes have also improved in lateral light distribution so that they offer equivalent performance in a recessed luminaire or where only downward light is required.

T5 Adaptors still have an advantage where 360° light output is necessary for up-lighting capability, or other aesthetic or functional lighting purposes.  Dark ceilings can make rooms look gloomy and uninviting, even if the light on work surfaces is brighter.

Both T5 Adaptors and LED tubes require installation by an electrician as both require modifications inside the existing fluorescent housing for safety as well as ensuring their the energy efficiency potential is reached.

Check for Quality

Endura Light has gone to great lengths to ensure our T5 retrofit kit is made from quality components to ensure both that the Adaptor has a long life span and the Philips tube supplied with it achieves its full 22,000 hour life span.  There are many cheaper products on the market as many Chinese manufacturers build their products down to a price using cheap components and poor assembly methods.  Endura Light’s T5 Adaptors are built to the highest standards to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.

If you are considering ordering T5 Adaptors, contact us for a no obligation quality evaluation.   We’ll help you to see the differences for yourself.

Check for Safety

Many importers of T5 Adaptors are also not doing adequate safety checks and ensuring their products conform to Australian safety standards.  Endura Light can provide copies of our certification against RCM (the replacement for C-Tick for EMC certification) AS3820, AS 60598.1, AS 60598.2, AS 61347.1 and AS 61347.2.3.  The products are certified by Energy Safe Victoria and also certified as meeting the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) AS 4783.2.  Very few other suppliers or brands can offer this level of safety and compliance assurance.


If you want the safest and highest quality T5 Adaptor available today, contact Endura Light.

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