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Induction Lighting

Instead of using filaments or electrodes, induction lighting uses electromagnetic coils to excite particles inside a circular or rectangular fluorescent tube.  With no filament or electrode to burn out, lifespan improves dramatically and light output is maintained for longer.  Endura Light Induction lamps with their external inductors are rated to last 100,000 hours.

With such a long life expectancy for induction tubes, the quality of electronics in the ballast and phosphor inside the tube become critically important.  It is vital to choose quality components so that rated life is achieved in the real world.  Endura Light have sourced manufacturers that use the highest quality components to ensure our customers get the real deal, not a cheaply made imitation.

We most commonly use a 200w Induction lamp to replace a 400w HID lamp.  Whilst this is not as efficient as the latest LED high bay lights, induction is a more mature technology with proven field performance. If lamp maintenance is difficult or costly, induction lighting becomes the stand out choice.

Induction can also offer wider beams and even 360degree lighting which is not possible from directional LED.  It’s other substantial advantage over LED is greater heat tolerance, making it better suited to operating environments >50degrees C.

Benefits of Induction Lighting
  • Increased Energy Efficiency = Lower Electricity Bills
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Instant On – Compatible with Movement Sensors and Light Sensors
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions
  • Improved Light Quality
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Peak Demand Reductions = Lower network charges
  • Lower operating temperatures = reduced cooling load and further energy savings
  • Diffuse light source
  • High CRI
  • Long Life with minimal light depreciation
  • Reduced OH&S risk through improved light levels and reduced changeover frequency
  • Free up time for more important tasks
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