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Energy Saving Certificate Prices Fall Further

Posted on Jun 28, 2013

Further to our earlier post on 6th of May, both VEEC (Victoria) and ESC (NSW) certificate prices have continued to fall.

VEEC prices are down t0 $13.90 as of 21st June.  Ric Brazzale of Green Energy Markets reports in this article in Climate Spectator on 27th June (login required) that the supply of Standby Power Controllers did not reduce as anticipated, so now the over-supply of certificates has been exacerbated.  Consequently a significant period of reduced certificate creation (supply) is required before the current excess of certificates can be absorbed by the fixed level of demand.   A pricing rebound does not then appear likely for some time and we may see further price falls in the interim.

ESC prices have fallen to $15.25 (25th June) according to the article, though today (28/6) are being quoted on Green Energy Markets at $17.45.  Supply in the year to date is reported to be 40% over the required volumes so certificate prices could face downward pressure in the latter part of this year if this rate of certificate creation continues.

With lag effects in the certificate creation process, it can take some time for a price change to impact the rate of certificate creation in both markets.

Unfortunately or facilities in these states looking to do a lighting retrofit this is not good news.  Nonetheless the impact of these schemes is still a positive one, and the total ESC rebate in NSW still has a significant impact on the payback period, particularly for sites with longer operating hours.

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